The Swedish Massage

The Swedish Massage is a therapeutic technique that is very much sought after by massage practitioners and has been considered an important ally for the relaxation and / or healing of body aches.

The Technique was created by the Swedish Pehr Henrik Ling in the 19th century. Pehr Ling was a practitioner of gymnastics and fencing, who studied millenarian oriental massage methods.

During the Middle Ages massage on the Western Continent was banished by the church due to some bodily practices that were considered non-religious.

Pehr Henrik Ling during one of his researches rediscovered the massage and invented new techniques giving him Western designations, which earned him the title of “Father of the Swedish Massage”.

The Swedish Massage uses a series of long sliding movements and pressure under the patient’s body. These touches can be applied separately or combined and are able to activate the entire body circulation of the individual.

The benefits of this massage are diverse, among them are: the increase of blood circulation and lymphatic circulation.

Experts point out that the effects of Swedish massage go far beyond the increase in blood circulation and encompass both the organic, muscular, nervous and respiratory system that are of utmost importance for the proper functioning of the human body.

Swedish massage is certainly a great choice for people seeking health and wellness.

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Check out the video below how the practice works:

Massage in Florianópolis

Any foreigner who is searching for a good tourist destination in our country, will not have an easy task in defining their choice, there are so many options of fantastic places for Brazil, which ends up being difficult to establish a specific location. Brazil is gigantic, and each region presents its characteristics, its peculiarities, its traditions, but all are highly structured to receive to any visitor, be it foreigner or natural of Brazil. A very pleasant region to get to know is the southern region of Brazil, a place that traditionally offers a superior quality of life to others in our country, due to the fact that they offer excellent services in all areas and segments, in any state in this region. A good example of quality of life is the city Florianópolis, capital of the state of Santa Catarina. As it is known, Floripa is the only Brazilian capital located on an island, the city is a reference in the care of nature and in dealing with its history. Its unique beauty is present in tainted architecture, cuisine and secular traditions. One of the services most accessed by the city, is the massage in Florianópolis, which reaches people of both sexes and different ages, who seek through the practice of therapeutic body activities, a healthier routine, more disposition, raising their qualities of lives. The city is very linked to nature and a healthier lifestyle, in addition to many green areas, Floripa also has many beaches, which are its trademark. The island has more than 100 beaches cataloged, but not all are suitable for bathing. It is very common for residents and visitors to seek a massage clinic in Florianópolis, after a day of work, or even a day of physical activity, because the best masseurs in Florianópolis, promote a muscle relaxation, through several techniques of this bodily activity that most benefits people in all parts of the world. If you visit the capital of Santa Catarina, look for one of the best services in the city, the massage in Florianopolis, and experience a therapeutic experience that only benefits your body.


Massage in Barra da Tijuca – RJ

Certainly at some point in your life, you have already imagined spending your vacation, or even traveling to work to the capital Rio de Janeiro, the city of Rio De Janeiro, known world out, as “Wonderful City.” Rio de Janeiro is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Brazil, and by people from all over the world, and by many Brazilians as well, and the reasons that lead to the choice of the city of Rio de Janeiro are many, such as its beautiful beaches of clear and warm water, its natural beauties found in various regions of the city, and many other good reasons. Rio de Janeiro is accustomed to tourism, and always receives these visitors with open arms and with great cordiality, often in the most known neighborhoods of the city, including Barra da Tijuca, and the best, providing residents and visitors, excellent services, in various segments and sectors, in any locality of the city. One of the most traditional services in the region of Barra da Tijuca, is found with much variety in the neighborhood. The massage in Barra da Tijuca is considered one of the best in this segment in the whole country, with excellent masseurs in Rio de Janeiro, trained in different massage techniques, with their preference or need always on the agenda, guaranteeing all the innumerable health benefits that only this ancient therapeutic body activity can offer, since the practice of massage has been an activity in humanity for many generations and has been preserved and worshiped by millions of people around the world. If you are a resident, or have the opportunity to know the most popular tourist destination in Brazil, and you want to find a good massage in Barra, to relieve tensions and improve your quality of life as a whole, it will be very quiet and very practical, because there are scattered around the city, excellent clinics very well located and structured, in addition to the therapists in Barra da Tijuca, trained and totally focused on the concept of this ancient therapeutic body art, very close to your home or even the hotel in which you are staying, and thus enjoy moments of much relaxation and well-being, besides helping in your health.

massagista barra

Thai Massage


All countries have traditions and culture typical of their regions and this is no news right?

Have you ever heard of the Thai massage that was created in Thailand?

This technique, created more than two thousand years ago, has traces of Indian and Indian influence and was considered a Thai National Patrimony by a decree of the country’s King, Bhumibhol Adulyadej.

The Thai massage has as its main concept the unlocking of the energy channeled in the human body and believes that this is one of the factors for the good functioning of our life.

But how is this technique applied?

Through body manipulations made by its professionals and some elements brought from yoga that allow the flow of energy to be activated, which increases well-being and promotes the health of its adherents.

This practice is still used for the treatment of contemporary diseases such as obesity and depression, but it is important to point out that this practice is indicated for all types and ages of people.

How long can a Thai massage session last?

From one to two hours according to the specific needs of each individual

Degenerative diseases

We know that massages can promote health and well-being to any individual who has an interest but can therapeutic massages also help combat degenerative diseases?
The answer to that question is undoubtedly yes.
Like other fields of study, massage practices have been evolving over the years as the technology advances, and with that, the possibility of expanding its benefits for patients with degenerative diseases is emerging.
Unfortunately with the advancement of this type of disease the human body is losing autonomy and with that also loses its vital functions and with that are sought methods of support to this difficult time in the life of a human being
But how can massage help such a complex disease?
Deep tissue massage, for example, provides relief from pain and gives a feeling of well being and health, avoiding the use of medications that may make the patient’s health even worse, which would make him increasingly debilitated, so this therapeutic technique that does not provides side effects can also be used as a method of supporting people who are going through it.

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Swiss sleep and massage

Is it common to feel very sleepy? And during a massage session?

Do you consider yourself a sleepy person? If the answer to that question is yes, be aware because according to a study feeling oversleep can be a sign of your body’s request for help. Because of the high level of stress that the human being is currently undergoing, sleeping a good night’s sleep has become an increasingly difficult thing, so we should pay attention to the ideal rest for our body.

But is it common to feel sleep during a massage session? The answer is yes!
During a Swiss massage session for example, the subject undergoing a relaxation so deep that he is able to sleep during the session, because the touches are so precise that they become almost imperceptible.
Before the beginning of the Swiss massage, the professional responsible for applying the technique makes an interview with the patient, in order to know their peculiarities and preferences, from this begins the procedure using oils and performing movements on the patient’s back.

So, how about relaxing at the right times and taking care of health and well-being more and more?

Sports Massage

Have you ever complained of muscle aches and resorted to remedies for quick relief? Then this post is targeted to you!

It is common to associate the term massage with a practice that exclusively aims at the relaxation of the individual in the middle of a spa located in a calm and quiet place, is not it? But did you know of the existence of a massage specifically aimed at practicing physical activities? That’s exactly what you just read; The sports massage serves as an excellent recovery tool for athletes and physical activity practitioners. Experts believe that if the method is used correctly by a qualified professional can significantly increase the performance of the individual, in addition sports massage is already inserted in the context of professional sports as it is a pioneer in regard to prevention of muscle injuries, In addition, she has been gaining fans who practice sports in an amateur way.

Even if you are not an amateur athlete it is interesting to know this therapeutic technique because among its numerous benefits we can mention: elimination of toxins; relief of muscle and post-workout pain and increased blood circulation.