Degenerative diseases

We know that massages can promote health and well-being to any individual who has an interest but can therapeutic massages also help combat degenerative diseases?
The answer to that question is undoubtedly yes.
Like other fields of study, massage practices have been evolving over the years as the technology advances, and with that, the possibility of expanding its benefits for patients with degenerative diseases is emerging.
Unfortunately with the advancement of this type of disease the human body is losing autonomy and with that also loses its vital functions and with that are sought methods of support to this difficult time in the life of a human being
But how can massage help such a complex disease?
Deep tissue massage, for example, provides relief from pain and gives a feeling of well being and health, avoiding the use of medications that may make the patient’s health even worse, which would make him increasingly debilitated, so this therapeutic technique that does not provides side effects can also be used as a method of supporting people who are going through it.

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