Swiss sleep and massage

Is it common to feel very sleepy? And during a massage session?

Do you consider yourself a sleepy person? If the answer to that question is yes, be aware because according to a study feeling oversleep can be a sign of your body’s request for help. Because of the high level of stress that the human being is currently undergoing, sleeping a good night’s sleep has become an increasingly difficult thing, so we should pay attention to the ideal rest for our body.

But is it common to feel sleep during a massage session? The answer is yes!
During a Swiss massage session for example, the subject undergoing a relaxation so deep that he is able to sleep during the session, because the touches are so precise that they become almost imperceptible.
Before the beginning of the Swiss massage, the professional responsible for applying the technique makes an interview with the patient, in order to know their peculiarities and preferences, from this begins the procedure using oils and performing movements on the patient’s back.

So, how about relaxing at the right times and taking care of health and well-being more and more?

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