Thai Massage

All countries have traditions and culture typical of their regions and this is no news right?

Have you ever heard of the Thai massage that was created in Thailand?

This technique, created more than two thousand years ago, has traces of Indian and Indian influence and was considered a Thai National Patrimony by a decree of the country’s King, Bhumibhol Adulyadej.

The Thai massage has as its main concept the unlocking of the energy channeled in the human body and believes that this is one of the factors for the good functioning of our life.

But how is this technique applied?

Through body manipulations made by its professionals and some elements brought from yoga that allow the flow of energy to be activated, which increases well-being and promotes the health of its adherents.

This practice is still used for the treatment of contemporary diseases such as obesity and depression, but it is important to point out that this practice is indicated for all types and ages of people.

How long can a Thai massage session last?

From one to two hours according to the specific needs of each individual

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